> Woah, what was that thing?

Morphimus> Bite cabbage.

ICan'tGiveCredit > Eat the whole cabbage
Nah, this thing is pretty much flavorless. You guess you'll just save the rest for later, like when you get really hungry.
Eversor >Save Cabbage for vegetable pyramid you are planning on creating.
Curris >Ask her why she is suspicious of Khajit? Should you be worried?
Morphimus >Better yet, ask here what a Khajit is
But wait, you say. What's a khajiit? what's so suspicious about them?

You mean you never seen a khajiit or even heard of them before? They live all over Tamriel.

I don't think there's any where I'm from.

Hmm, that's odd. I take it that your mother and father sheltered you very tightly before letting you go.

Well, she says.

I don't know exactly how they came to be, or what they really are, but they'er these human-like cat creatures. Some people say they're race is the result of people mating with felines, but that's a little iffy.

They're covered and fur, and even have cat ear, and tails sticking out from their bodies. But they still walk on two legs, and they can talk just like we humans do. They come from a far away land called Else Wh-... I mean, Elsweyr.

Now, the reason I'm suspicious of them is because everyone I know tells me these things about them. Plus, my husband Alvor says he was mugged by them several times when he was younger.

You see, Khajiits can be fierce, powerful warriors; some will chop you to pieces, and some will burn you with flame spells. Most of them though, are more of the sneaky sort. They can slide things straight our from your pockets with out you noticing a thing. Some will sneak behind you, and slit your throat, in a blink of an eye. And bare in mind, that the female ones are just as dangerous as the males.

Now, not all of them are evil. I've traded with some nice ones, and the one standing out side the town over here, seem to be nice, but if you travel with them, you'd be gambling your life.

Thanks for warning me, I guess.

UsagiShinobi >Tomoko: walk to Helgen. Must be a REAAALLY nice place with no dragons or bandits or anything.
"Huh? I don't know where or what that is. Plus, there's no such thing as dragons."

Who do you keep looking up at? she asks.

Oh, um. I was just noticing the...

Woah, what was that thing?

Oh that's just a hawk, they get pretty big sometimes.

A moment later, she tells you that she has to get back to finishing up a sewing project she was working on. And she leaves.

Oops, you just realized that you forgot to ask her about Helgen. But that's okay, you guess you've spent enough time talking. Right now you got plenty of things to do before the sun sets.

So what will you do now?

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