> Squat down and take a leek on her garden.

Eversor > Take a leek, but make sure no one is looking. It's embarrassing to be caught taking a leek out in the open.

You squat down and take a leek.

You're not sure why you need this, though. You're not hungry right now, and you're pretty sure this thing is gonna be just as flavorless as the cabbage. Then again, you guess you'll take it with you anyway since you don't have any money to buy food. Maybe you'll start feeling hungry later on.

Curris > Consider asking the lady to teach you gardening someday. Maybe it's the vegetable in you talking, but being close to the earth seems wholesome. Might be a trade you could be interested in maybe?

Ah, you should've asked her before taking this leek. You're not sure where she is, but you think she's at her home.

You guess being a gardener would be an okay way to live. You'll get to watch a cute little seedling grow into something that makes tasty fruits. And plus, people will have to buy your stuff or they'll starve, so you'll make money to.


You have other dreams and goals too. You're still thinking about becoming a cabaret hostess.

You'll get to make an easy living being an S-class prostitute. The though of being one is interesting, but you're not sure if you're pretty enough, or if they'res even cabarets in this land.

You've also been thing back on your dreams of being a weapons dealer.

You have no idea where to even start if you want to sell weapons, but you still wish you could be a weapons dealer. You're not sure which time period you're living in, but you think selling swords is just as good as selling guns.

ICan'tGiveCredit > Gamble life, talk with the khajit
Before you talk to them, you have to find them first. You guess it should be safe to talk to them if they look nice.

You search the whole town. Now you don't feel as lost as you were when you first got here.

On your way across the town, you found Alvor and Sigrid's house.

It seemed like they weren't home. Oh well, maybe you'll come across Sigrid some other time.

So there they are. You're not sure how you should approach them, and your skin is getting a little clammy just by looking at them. You don't even know if they're human or not.

Can you just walk up to them, or should you sneak up to them? Or maybe you should just ignore them?

What will you do?