> Awaken, and Recognize The Truth

Soul of The Abyss

"The time here, I can't believe it's passing so slow, yet so fast at the same time.

I have no idea how long I've been here like this, my body feels weak and chills are always running down my spine.

Every second, I feel like I'm gonna suffocate, yet I'm still here, in this lonely and empty abyss. My chest, an empty cave feels like its about to cave in under ton of force."

For a moment, a tear suddenly shoots down your left eye. You try to stop it, but it's more powerful than you. It's wierd here, you have all the problems of a living body, yet you don't die here.

"I wonder if I'm really dead or not. Sometimes, I wish this whole thing would end. I can't stand the terror anymore, making my heart sink every time one of the Wrath Spirits comes out, or when I see a lost soul wandering about like a zombie in the mist."

"As much as I hated my life, I wish I still had one. If I wasn't so afraid to live, I might not have gone insane. I might even still be alive..."

Suddenly, a mysterious force causes your muscles to feel so weak and heavy that you can't move. Then your eyelids are forced shut.

Finally, your eyes open. But something's not right here, your stomach churns anxiously and you get the feeling you're in some kind of danger.

Your spine chills, and your heart sinks as you realize that the demon that was protecting you from the undead, and the wrath-spirits has abandoned you.

Four doors open before, pulsing with painfully bright intensity. You feel drawn to the doors, almost as if they wanted to suck you in. You have no idea where any of these doors lead. Were they spawned here to save you? End you? Or is this some kinda test?
You feel your heart sink even deeper. as the undead approach closer. The ghosts are coming to you rapidly and you can even feel their aggression on your skin!

What will you do? Where will you go?

Door One
Door Two
Door Three
Door Four
Try to outrun the spirits
Something else... (type it in)