> She doesn't think you're crazy, but...

Curris >Try to chat with the lady & child. You'll want to convince them that you're *not* crazy, or diseased. You don't want to get burnt at the stake or quarantined or anything.

Mourn lost cat-construct?

There is a sign on the wall nearby -" ?? -wood?"
Morphimus > Try to say that you're not diseased, but stumble over your words.
eh, um, no, i'm no- not diseased. I was just ahh, I wa- was watching the clouds.

Ni- um nice day, isn't it?

Oh... forgive me. I wasn't sure, but I had the vibe that you were one of those crazy bretons from the Reach. Anyway, I'm Sigrid, wife of Riverwood's best blacksmith.
I was just trying to keep my daughter from talking to any strangers; I've been nervous all morning after that inn was burned down.

So, who are you?
Me? oh, eh, I'm Tomoko. I don't know where the Reach is, but I'm from Japan.

Japan? I never heard that one before. I'm pretty sure you came a long from wherever that is.
Anyway, you didn't have to tell me all that, I was just asking how you're doing.

Okay, I guess...

So, what brings you to Riverwood, Tomoko?

Well, I uhh... I don't know. You say, you're worried that she might get suspicious if you tell her the truth.

I guess I sorta just happened to be here. Isn't that how everyone gets here?

hmmm, she pauses for a moment. Why, how rude of me, bothering you about such things.

Come, let me show you my garden. you look like you could use some of my fresh vegetables. 

She looks down at her daughter.

This evening, Dorthe, with all those vegetables I've been growing lately, I was thinkin' we could make a right lovely stew. Together. How about it?"

"Oooh. Ahhh... Well... See, the thing is...

Let me guess. You'd rather play "Daedra and Battlemages" with Ordnar. Or go fishing, or catch frogs...

I'm sorry, mother. I can't help it. All that stuff you like to do, it's just so... boring.

Fine. You play in the mud, or play with your father's forge, or get into sword fights with your little friend. But this is not over.

Here, have some cabbage. I haven't had time to cook yet, but they still taste okay when aten raw.

You guess the people here have weird ways of eating. "Does she actually think I'm going to eat this whole cabbage by my self?"

Oh, ahh... Thanks, you say.

It's the least I could do. Now, just between you and me, I know how it is for a lost girl like you. So, if you ever need anything, just see me in my house, but stay away from my husband Alvor.

You thank her again, and you tell her you wouldn't dare try anything like that. You figure you should atleast ask her how she's doing to be caring person. It would be awkward to only say thank you.

So, um, how are you Sigrid?

Well, it's been a little troublesome for me lately. You see, it seems like my daughter wants to be a boy. She's always helping her father at the forge, and she never wants to learn any skills like gardening, cooking,
or knitting. 

You know, she asks. You're not the type that my daughter wants to be, are you? 

Whatchu mean? you ASK

I see you have quite a big sword, but you don't really look like an adventurer or fighter.

I never been in a fight before, you explain, I just happened to find this laying around today. Now, the wierd thing about it is that it's actually a... um. I mean, it's actually... it's actually...
a ahh,just a replica sword.

Well, my Alvor and I could use something like that, we could give you a good deal for it.

I'm don't really think I wanna sell it.
 you reply.

She stays content with your reply. You decide to ask her about Falkreath, and how you could get their.

Falkreath, you say?

It's famous for it's graves. I'd be cautious over there if I were you, some people say the spirits of the dead can attack you after midnight. If you're looking to get there, I can't help you myself, but there's a group
of Khajiit traders right outside of town. They've been here for a couple of days, and I hear they're looking for a human to travel with them. I'm a little suspicous of them though.

What will you do/say?

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