> Draw your sword and advance cautiously.

 Fish > Draw your sword and advance cautiously.

You don't think drawing your sword would be a good idea...

Plus, you don't wanna give them the wrong thoughts about you.

Xindaris > Just walk up casually, and if they look at you funny back away.

ICan'tGiveCredit > Talk with them and also unintentionally mutter racist slurs all the while

Curris > Ask them for weapons trading as a profession. It should break the ice, be an easy conversation topic, and help you solve two problems at once. 

Or, Succumb to unfathomable cuteness and try to pick up and pet one of these cats!

Their bodies completely covered and fur, you never seen anything like them before.

You try to approach them as casually as you can...

(sniiiiiff) this one smells something new.

Oh, ah....

Ahh, you wish to trade, yes? says the one with the green outfit.

You open your mouth to talk, but you can't speak.  You do think they're cute, but they're still making you shy.

Anon >Introduce yourself in third person to add a mysterious effect and ask if they're still looking for a companion to travel with

Tom.. Tomoko was just going to ask about...

Speak louder!, this one can barely here you.

So, are you trying to mock our way of talking?

You try to talk loud, but your voice is so soft and quiet that their fury ears can barely here you.

Na, No. I didn't mean to mock you, 
I.. I was just gonna ask you about being a. a..wep-weapons trader. 

Being a what?

A um, a weapons trader.

Yes, I sell those too. Mostly iron and steel weapons though.  What are you looking to buy?

Oh, actually i was just...

Khajiit does not understand why this one whispers.

Just wa-wandering if you could help me become one. a weapons trader. you say while staring at the ground.

This one doesn't understand why the soft skin thinks we're on the ground.

You don't mean to be rude, but their big eyes aren't making you any less shy.

Ahhh, well I have a book for you.  For 30 gold, you'll learn how to be a very successful trader.

Oh, eh, sorry, but i don't have any-

No gold, you say? well, you must be the other traveler we seek.

You see, we need someone innocent looking so so the hairless ones won't be so alarmed.

Will you be coming with us?

Suddenly, you just realize something...

What will you do/say?