Speakig With a Sentient Weapon

Morphimus > Say "I... uh...." Then walk as far away from this guy as you can. He seems like a nutjob.

" I... uh..." you stutter as you back away.

Curris > Just leave. He's clearly a capable warrior, and set in his ways. Just, uh, give him his space, and go inside the tavern/inn.
You look toward the Sleeping Giant Inn, and there seems to be a lot of commotion over there. You'll stay away from it for now. Since you're new in town, so you definitely don't want to get caught up with whatever's going on there.

"So you think you can just burn down your competition ?!!!"
"People, this is all just a big misunderstanding!."
"Ra, ra, ra!!!"
"Stand back citizens"

nonexistentPumpkin >Once you're out of earshot, ask the sword what it was saying about meeting face to face.
So, how are we supposed to meet each other? Aren't I already holding you?"

"True, But you haven't seen my other form yet.

I decided to make a space inside your mind, just for me. I usually ask for permission before I do this, but I figured you'd be okay with it. Now, just hold my handle tightly and squeeze your eyes shut.

Paul "Simyaz" Thompson - voice and music

He finally appears after speaking his poem. He's even creepier than you thought.

Ahh, now we can formally introduce ourselves. My name's Haethenox. What's yours?

What will you say/do?