> Talking with a nutcase

ICan'tGiveCredit > Murder the guard. If he took an arrow to the knee, he's debilitated and won't stand a chance against you.

Why would you do a thing like that? Besides, you can feel your heart beat faster, and your pupils shrink, just by thinking of challenging that guard.

CaptainDriad >Say that he should be happy he married, however if his wife does no-t agree with the mans adventuring dreams, then he should not be with her.

"Wa-wait!" you say just before he walks off.

You shyly force out the words.

"Y.. You you-ah. Eh. You should be that you're married. But if you um. you wife does-doesn't agree with your adventuring dreams, then you shouldn't be with her."

"My wife? Ha. I once had a wife and a daughter, but me becoming a guard had nothing to do with them. I actually did take an arrow to the knee. I can still swing just about any weapon. I just can't run like I used to."

I had a beautiful wife, and a daughter before, but I was still a bandit at the time. My wife would complain about me not being around her often. She felt scared being at home with only her daughter.

She was beautiful, but I'm not exactly sure why I married her. I use to be able to get any woman I wanted in a bed with me.

Anyway, one day, when I came back to our home, I saw something... I saw that my wife and daughter had both been raped and gruesomely stabbed to death. I also found that all my shit had been stolen, and at the time I was more worried about my stolen shit.

Now, the guilt of not protecting somebody I was supposed to be committed to stings me like poison every night when I lay down.

A year later, my luck got even worse. That's when I took an arrow to my knee. My own bandit team turned against me over an argument about distributing the loot. All but two of us died, and I'm one. During the fight, an arrow struck deep into my knee, and I still have a piece of an arrow in my knee to this day. Wizardy-folk keep telling me that they can fix my knee, but I don't trust anyone who uses magic.

Oh, and I was just kidding about the guilt. Everybody is just meat to me. 

Woah, that was... disturbing. You're not sure how to react to this.