Morphimus > Tell him that he's a total creeper.
hector212121 > "I. Name? Er. Amnesia."
>Ask him if he's Dracula. Ask about that Red Clasp gem on his cloak. Threaten him with the sword on account of being creepy. Ask how secure it is in here, in your mind. This won't make vulnerable to mind control, right?

"Amnesia." you answer him.

"No, you're not Amnesia, you're Tomoko. I already heard you talking to that Ulbjorn guy.

You're a total creeper, you know.

Oh, why thank you. I tried my best at it.


So, are you really Dracula?

No, I just like my wearing this type of clothing. I know I have pale skin too, but I have nothing to do with vampires, and I never will have anything to do with them.
You figure it would be silly to threaten him with the sword since he is the sword. Besides, this is your own mind, he can't do any harm in your own mind, could he?

I was wandering, you ask. You're not going to do any mind control or anything like that will you?

No, of course not. I'm simply here to help guide you. And I do believe in freewill.

You see, Tomoko. You and I are symbiotes. That means that we both benefit each other. I help you, and you'll help me. We're both clever and intelligent creatures, and together we shall be unstoppable. Our symbiotic relation to each other shall continue til death do us part.

I'm very thankful that you acquired me. Before, I was blind and alone, but now that I have a host, I have full consciousness and awareness. Imagine how it would feel if you were trapped in a very dark room for hundreds of years; chained to a wall. That is how I felt, before you picked me up.

You saved me, Tomoko, and for that. I'll be saving you.