> Back to Reality

What are you doing? You ask.

hector212121 > Ask him about the other voices you keep hearing in your head. Some of them have started to get self-referential, and one of them has even referenced it's self-referentialness!
Mibbs > no dont do that we are your friends you dont want to betray us do you we can make life very *very* uncomfortable for you
But that doesn't even make sense, how would that be betraying you?
Consider revisiting reality. You don't want to accidentally walk into a wall or a lake or something. Ask him if he has trouble remembering what things look like, then you'll promise to look at and inspect stuff very thoroughly.

If you are out in reality, how do you get back into the headspace? Just thinking about it? Or is it by invitation only?

Leaving. He replies.

But I still have more questions, I have so much to say.
What about the other voices in my head? How do I come here again?

No, shut up. You must go back to reality now. I'll speak with you again some other time.

"Mom, why do some people stare off into space like how grandpa used to do before he died?"
"Get away from the stranger, honey. She might have a disease."

Woah, What was that all about? You didn't even get to finish speaking.

What will you say/do now?

Try to find out how to get back into your headspace.

ask random people for a map/directions
chat with some random strangers

try to go to falkreath

"don't show me that attitude!"

" it's okay, i'm not diseased"

"what the hell is going on here"

explore surroundings

do something else (type it in)

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