> Saved by a Nord

>Just say the word "Amnesia", and nothing else.
Amnesia, you answer him. You noticed you said that without stuttering at all. It's pretty neat to talk without being nervous.

Kíeros > Ask him to put you down
So, can you put me down now?

Oh, I'm so strong, I almost forgot I was even holding you. He boasts. He takes off his helmet, and lets you down softly.

Mibbs > did you take my sword. do not test me. i have died before, and i have not crossed death to be stymied by a petty thief.

Did you take my sword. Do not test me. I have died before, and i have not crossed death to be stymied by a petty thief.

Huh, No why would I do that? You didn't have a sword when I saved you. Besides, you should thank me for saving you back there.

In retrospect, you don't think you should just let your mental entities do all the talking for you. This is getting awkward, and you don't wanna sound like some crazy bitch; especially not at a time like this. Though you are wondering where your sword is right now.

Anyway, you don't think it would be a good idea to make him mad at you.

But I'll forgive your rudeness this once, citizen. I see that you enjoyed a golden flask this morning.

TecnoToad > Shes probably too weak to stand up now! Ask him if he's a knight
You couldn't help but to ask him if he's a knight. After-all, saving girls and women is what knight's do, right?

Ha. I wish I was, but no. I'm just a guard, on duty in Riverwood. I mostly just kill lesser criminals who resist arrest. My gaurd job is just practice so that I can be a real warrior some day.

I'm one of the younger ones, most of the other guards are just retired adventurers. 

This guy is starting to make you feel all weird, and fuzzy inside. You wander if he's actually trying to hit on you right now. The only time you felt anything like this is the time when you got to shake hands with a voice actor. You're also surprised you can understand him, and he can understand you. You thought he'd speak some different language.

You also hope he can tell you what you need to know, so that you won't be so lost out here.

Hmm, I don't think I introduced my self.
The name's Ulbjorn. What's yours, lass?

Before you can open your mouth to say anything, you hear the faint yet very close-by voice of the sword speak.
"Don't worry, nobody stole me. I'm right here."

What will you say? What will You do?