> Coming to Terms...

Morphimus > Give a fake name: How about Miss Marilyn Brookdale?
Xindaris >If you're making up a name, make it an awesome one. Like Naira. Otherwise just use your given name.
TobiasMoon > If you don't want to give your original name
Ulthuanelf > Just give your real name, he seems trustworthy.

"Why would I need a fake name?" you think, to your mental entities.

"Tomoko. It's my name" you answer him. You shake the hand that he sticks out. Oddly, he holds on to your hand for a little bit longer.

"Aye, why that's a unique name. I never heard of such a name. You look Breton, but your name sounds sorta Elven. People round here aren't so fond of elves, though. Especially those in the north. Come to think of it, they don't like Bretons
either, in the West. So you best stay from those parts unless you change your name.

But don't worry though, they probably won't hurt a pretty lass like you.

"Oh, well thank you for telling me that." His words make you feel a little uneasy about this place.

"But can I ask you something? You see, I'm new here and I don't really know what's going on. I mean, I don't really know where I am right now, and what just happened?"

Aye, looks like the honey-drink made you quite forgetful, lass. You're in Skyrim.


Yep, beautiful home of the Nords. I haven't travelled that much my self, so I don't know all the details, but you can get a map at the trader here. You can find
the traders right up road, just before the Sleeping Giant Inn.

But actually, I'm still pretty confused. So, are we like, in Europe?

Europe? Never heard that name before. What do you mean?

I mean, well.. Just... Where are we? Is this even Earth?

Earth? Hmmm, I never heard of a land named "Earth". Oh! I see what you're asking me now. We're on Tamriel, lass. How do you not know that? You should lay off the mead for a while.

So, I was wandering... I'm just so overwhelmed and lost right now. Like, is there something you can help me with?

Ulbjorn, stop talking to girls all the time, and lets investigate this crime! Yells a voice in the distance.

Well, I'd love to, lass, but I'm not sure what you need help with, and I gotta get back to my guard duties. Hopefully, we'll come across each other again, but If you need anything, you know who to ask. 

And so he walks off.

Wow! You can hardly believe this all real! A guy actually saved your life and he talked to you. You guess that means you're pretty afterall, but most importantly you actually had a full conversation with a complete stranger! You're coming closer and closer to becoming popular!

"Oh wait. Where am I walking to?" You cease to wonder aimlessly in your bliss as you realize what your situation is. You have way more important things to worry about than just being popular. You're on some strange med-evil-ish place, you have no money, you have no idea if you'll ever see 
Yuu-chan, your mom or your brother again, you don't know anybody here except for the guy you just met, and you don't even know which part of the planet you're on. Your cell phone is dead, and you can't contact anybody you know. 

And oh jeez! This is even worse than you thought. Your throat gets tight and your eyes get warmer as you also realize that you have no future here, you doubt there are any schools or any type of work that would suit you. You're not even sure if
you'll survive out here. You think it was probably terrorists who blew up the hotel. YOu have no place to stay, and you don't know if the water here is even drinkable. 

You bit your lip, but suddenly a drop of water shoots out your left eye and runs down your cheek. You quickly wipe your stupid teer away before anyone can notice.

That letter said you should go to Falkreath, but you don't know where that is either. Plus you're not sure If you can trust the people who bought you here. All this thinking is just making your stomach full of butterflies.

You take deep breadths to calm yourself, and it helps a little. You don't want to break down in front of these people in this town.


You make it to what looks likes a shop. You're not sure what to do though. You don't have any money, but you do need a map. Perhaps you can just talk to somebody instead, or maybe you should just find Ulbjorn again?

Suddenly, your thoughts are interrupted.

" Hey can you pull me out of here. We need to talk"

That sounds like the sword's voice. You thought you had accidentally lost him, but he's still here some where... somewhere very close.

"Come on, just pull me out already"

What will you do?

(Please be creative with suggestions!)

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