> Don't get roasted to death.

Xindaris >Jump out the dang window! Cuts are better than 3rd-degree burns and crushing.
Bobert > Seconded.

You struggle to crawl toward the window. The air down here, isn't as smokey, but it's steal super hard to breathe. You can hardly open your eyes. You sure hope there isn't a big fall at the bottom.

Tecnotoad >Sword: save the day

"I can't, this girl should've listened to me earlier. If was sober, she would've noticed the fire earlier, and she wouldn't even be in this situation. I can feel her motions, but that's about it. I can't smell, hear, or see. So I barely know what's happening here, plus I can't move on my own.

If she's not competent enough to get out of this situation, then she probably doesn't deserve to use me. I'm desperate for another user, and I've been poisoned for many years, suffering with more boredom than any of you can even fathom. However, I still prefer someone strong enough to use me for what I was made for, not cutting bread.

Now, don't get me wrong. I care for who ever wields me, but I don't think I'm going anywhere with this girl."

nonexistentPumpkin >Just hold the sword and let it do the thinking.

Strangely, the sword isn't telling you anything right now. Maybe he gave up on you? You would yell at it, but you need to save all the lung power you got left. If you choke again, you'll probably DIE here.

nonexistentPumpkin >If that doesn't work, try cutting the fire HORIZONTALLY, like you're supposed to do to put one out.
>Use what's left in the Blcck Bricr to put out the fire.

No, you, cough* cough* you can't do any of those. You gotta save all your strength just to crawl out the window. You're already faint, and your vision's fading to a sickly yellow.

Finally, you're out now. Though, you know you're not safe yet. You wanna get up right now, but you're feeling too... weak. You cant, you just can't get up...

Ulthuanelf > Someone outside: Rescue the protagonist!
Morphimus > Xeconded.

Suddenly, you feel some mighty, warm hands snatch up you off the frosty grass.

"Don't worry, I got you," he says. "But, you shouldn't be lollygagging on the ground when there's a flaming building next to you."

Before you can even get your thoughts straight, he quickly rushes you away from the burning building. He runs, yet holds you as steady as he would a glass of wine.


" Somebody get it off me! Get it off!"
"Mom, is dad going to make it out?"
"Fuck! My Inn, my whole career!"

You feel relieved to know that you're safe now, and that you're in safe, warm hands.

You feel like saying something, but you don't know what to say.

Burrr. Even with the flames coming from the building next to you, the frosty air cuts straight through your brown leather pullover. The only thing keeping you warm is the mighty hands holding you.

"Thank you" you say, or at least you think that's what you said. For the first time, words flow out of your mouth easily, but for some reason, you can barely remember or understand what ever came out you mouth. You tried to say thank you, but you're not sure if that's what you really said. Maybe that drink makes you talk differently?

The gaurd doesn't say anything back. You guess you should just be quiet, since after all, you can't remember what you say. You don't wannna be like some people on TV who act all crazy and say lots of stupid things after they drink something.

You have so many questions to ask, but you don't think it's apporpiate to ask them right now. You don't wanna seem like you don't give any fucks what's going on. Although truthfully, you really just don't. You're so lost right now, that you don't really care about any of these stranger. You just wanna make some sense outta this madness.

You look breathlessly at the flaming hotel, and all the suffering around. Now things are starting to get real.

"You're not from here? Huh." he says, interrupting your thoughts.

What do you say? What will you do now?