> Because I'm Not Popular, I'll Talk To a Sentient Weapon

TecnoToad > You saved a total creep
You're pretty sure you did. But on the bright side, you not only have a great new weapon, but also someone to talk to. Since he's in your head, he can't give away your secrets. You really wanna share with someone you story on how you got to this place called Skyrim, but you're afraid they might think you're crazy, or they might think you're some kind of witch or witch-spawn.

The people seemed pretty old-timey, and they were white people. so they might be the kind of people that do witch hunts. In history, you learned the Americans did witch-hunts a real long time ago.

But this weird guy right here seems pretty cool. You wanna tell him how you got here, and you even feel tempted to talk about your weirdo stuff. Eeeh, Having someone to talk crazy to is going to be so exciting! After all, you can't possibly be shame in your own mind, can you?

This place may look mundane right now, but I've created quite a few things in your mind. I can show you them; will you come with me?

What will you do or say?

Agree to go with him, so he can show you his creations.
Tell your story
Talk about your weirdo stuff
Force yourself out of this weird daydream
Ask to leave
Ask him something
Something else... (type it in)

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