> Get roasted to death in a burning building.


TecnoToad > stomp on the fire while its still small
Kíeros > Try to cast a ice spell if possible.
Morphimus > FLIP THE FUCK OUT.
"Stomp?! You think I would stomp on that fire?! I gotta get out of here, I don't want to be cooked to death alive!
I would cast an ice spell if spells existed. Now please, please be serious here guys. This might be my only chance to live again!"
"And can't you see I'm already panicking?"

Some of your mental entities don't understand what's going on right now. You wish they were more helpful; you can't figure this out all on your own.

"What's going on here? I feel you trembling. You're not in a fight already are you?" - the sword.

Ulthuanelf > Cut the fire in half.
nonexistentPumpkin > Seconded. With video game logic this should work.
CaptainDriad >Thirded.

This isn't a videogame, but that might just work. Well, here goes.

You lift the heavy sword, gathering all the strength you have left and you strike the fire so hard that all of a sudden...

Nothing happens. Well, other than you putting a slice in the door.

"You're swing me all wrong, girl. Embrace me already, so I can see and guide you before you get killed!"

Kíeros > Use sword to try to escape on the other side

Wait. Where, which side of the room? How do I get out?!

Suddenly, you hear some glass shattering and people shouting.'

"What the fuck is going on here?
Help, someone save me!
Is anyone still in there?"

With all this smoke, you can't breathe. Your eyes and throat burn hot as the flames under the door. You try to gasp for air, but you cough violently. You feel dizzy and light headed. You collapse to you knees before you can faint.

No. Please no. You don't wanna die here, and you can't go back to that place, but you're too weak to even stand up right now.