> Check Inventory

Death Mantis >wait, what's that thing flying between the mountains?

Huh? What thing flying between the mountains?

 Beastnix >Tell them you like cats and that how they look makes you shy

Well, ahh.. You see, I think cats are cute and adorable, and that's why I'm getting shy.

The only response you get is them rolling their eyes at your statement.

ICan'tGiveCredit> Tomoko: Scream frantically that you've been robbed!

You don't want to make your self look crazy and racist just yet. You think you should check to make sure you didn't just drop it or something.

hector212121> inventory remember
Black Mammoth>just check ur inventory before u accuse anyone!
NexusOne> yes, maybe u can trade something with them

You reach into your inventory, and suddenly the worse happens...

You spill everything out of your inventory.  How the hell did these get here?
You gaze in horror as you loose all your privacy. The only thing you can hope for now is if they don't notice what your stuff is.

Hmmm, I could trade you that book for that sword you got there. says the Khajiit trader.  How's that for a deal?


The other Khajit strains as he attempts to lift the sword.  You never knew he could flex his arms that big.  How is it that he can't lift the sword?  He has to be stronger than you, right?

He gives up before he makes the blood vessels in his eyes explode.

Hmmm, what's this strange thing?

He picks up your 'wand' .

Why is this thing shaking?  I never seen a enchanted item like this before. I bet the mages will pay a lot to study this unique enchantment.  How much do you want for this?

What will you do/say?