> Be Creative

Ulthuanelf > Follow him, and on the way there ask about his history and powers.
Curris > Agreed. Follow him, see his creations. Ask if you can create things in your headspace. Go on a creative rampage! Start small, try making a memorial to your memories.
> You can explain your crazy through recorded recollections. Explain how you got here, but yeah, you need to get the crazy out of your system before it gets you stabbed or burnt out 'there'.

Sure, lets see it. You reply to him.

Good, you'll certainly be surprised. Follow me.

On the way there, you explain to him your past.

... so then I was shocked to see so much blood gushing out of my own body. I never knew a pen could be that deadly. After that, it started getting really dark and my legs got to weak to stand. Strangely, I was terrified but I was starting to feel relaxed at the same time.

All of a sudden, I was in this wierd place, and I was like, "oh no, is this hell"...

... Then I couldn't believe it, I was actually alive again! But there were these four strangers standing over me. They were like dark shadows... When I woke up.... and that's how I found you.

Oh, okay that's nice.

You think that's Haethenox's version of "cool story bro".

Now, behold!

The whole time, he only made a plain wooden table. The cheese and wine looks nice, but that's about it. You're not even sure if he was being sarcastic or not.

It's the best I could do for now. I've been blind so long, that I forgot how things look like.

You chuckle at his effort.

I guess it's okay. You respond.

Curris > Go on a creative rampage! Start small, try making a memorial to your memories.
You decide to make something more impressive.

A big cat who's coat is actually a LCD screen!

Oh... a cat.

Not just any cat. You say. Look

You use your screen-cat, and you show him one of your most embarrassing moments ever. The cat purrs, as you touch its screen.

Woah! How in oblivion is that even possible? I never seen anything like that before.

Oh, you mean, you haven't either?

No, I'm talking about that moving-picture-thing being projected on the cat's fur.


hector212121 >Ask if he can augment your skill using his headspace thing
Ulthuanelf >ask about his history and powers.
Curris -> How many people could fit inside your head anyway? Should you, I don't know, try collecting more? Is that is a thing that is done (and not crazy)? Collecting more head voices? If bonding with one gets you a good weapon, a companion, and other unknown benefits, it might be worth looking into! All aboard the Tomoko braincase express! Woohoo!

Looks like you sure do have a lot of questions to ask him.

So, you ask. Can you augment my skills using my headspace?

Well, it doesn't work that way. To practice any skill, you would have to practice it in real life. I can fortify your blade skill, but you have to practice in real life, so you can strengthen your muscles, and feel the weight of a real weapon.

I am by far,the most effective weapon you'll ever find. With me, your blade skills will increase much faster.

So giving me better weapon skills is your power?

No, I don't have actual powers. I'm an enchantmant. I'm enchanted to increase the blade skill of who ever holds me.

What do you mean by "enchanted"?

It's like this, an enchantment is like a magical spell that does something to who ever is holding the enchanted object.

All this talk about magic is making you even more out of touch with reality. You hope everything's that's happened so far just isn't a dream. You mean, there's no such thing as magic, right?

You change the subject before he confuses your mind even more.

Anyway, what's your story, where are you from?

Well, believe it or not, I was actually a man once, and I lived in a country called Cyrodiil. Now, I'm a soul that is imprisoned inside of this weapon. Most souls go to a place that very few people have heard of, and that place is called "the soul cair", but I was different.

Oh, sorry you're trapped in here.
"Oh, no no no. Don't feel sorry at all for me. I'm use to it now."

So how did that happen?

You're not ready to know that yet. I promise I'll explain more of it to you one day. One day when you're ready to know...

For a second, those last few words made you extremely uneasy. You're not sure how to respond to this.

What will you do/ say?

create more fun stuff.

tell him the most intimate of your wierdo stuff.

demand that he continues telling you the rest of his story

ask more questions


something else (type it in!)

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