> Tomoko: examine room

TecnoToad >Cut some bread with the sword and check the letter
nonexistentPumpkin >Seconded.
Morphimus > Immediately devour the bread on the table.
You cut a big slice out of the bread with the sword. For a moment, you felt a strange force pulling on you while you were holding the sword.
You then devour the the slice; enjoying every bit of it's warm, thick, buttery goodness.

You can't believe you just ate a slice that big, that fast. You guess you were really hungry. Now you're starting to get thirsty since that bread made your mouth kinda dry. You would drink that big, golden bottle on the table, but you don't what's in it. The label just reads "Black Briar".

You hear a voice.

"Hey, girl, I can do a lot more than just cutting bread, so would you atleast hold my handle one more time?"

Since you have no idea where that voice just came from, you'll just ignore it for now.

Kíeros > Look at the note.
Unseen Umpire >Read note

You're probably wondering where you are right now. You're on Nirn in Skyrim. Unless you're some Daedra spawn from another realm, you shouldn't be lost. You look human, but you seem very alien. You should be thankful for us saving you, and for that you owe us your life. We know things about you that you don't even know about your self. Find us in the town of Falkreathe. There's a house that appears to be abandoned. Find us if you wish to make it out here. This is your first challenge.
-- Seriously, Anonymous

Well, that leaves you even more confused. You never heard of any places called Nirn, Falkreefe, or Skyrealm before. You still have know idea where you are, but you get the feeling that someone's trying to play a mean prank on you.

"Girl, you won't survive in this world without me. Take me already, you need me!"

You hear the same voice again.

Xindaris >Go back to bed.
Yeah, maybe you should just go back to bed since you're hearing voices right now.

You lay there for a few minutes, but you can't even get your eyes to stay shut. You're too curious to find out what's going on right now, and you don't feel like sleeping.

Plus you're even thirstier now, and the room is starting to get sorta hot. The smell of smoke is a little bit stronger now.

You walk back over too the table. Hopefully, what ever's in that bottle is just tea.

You hear the annoying voice again. "Girl, please take me. You don't understand what's..."

What will you do?