> Take a leap of faith.

You'd like to say the near past, but you have no idea how long you've been here. Afterschool one day, you stabeed yourself so deep that you bleed to death. In every second of the bleeding, you were in absolute terror as you felt yourself fall into darkeness while your body became numb.

You're not sure why you stabbed yourself, and it'll take you a while to think about it. But RIGHT NOW, you don't have a while! You're about to get attacked by spiteful spirits!

Xindaris >Get whatever's in your pockets and throw it into the doors at random. If there is nothing in your pockets, or you don't have pockets, tear up pieces of your clothes and throw those into the doors at random.
This is the only thing in your pockets right now, and there's now way you're gonna throw this away; even though there's no service here.

Instead, you quickly snatch off your useless tie, and toss it into the door. There, it vanishes into the whiteness.

You have no idea what just happened to that thing, but you're running out of time! The spirits are even closer now.

Xindaris >Bait the things chasing you into going through the doors by running toward one of them and then making a sharp turn to go around it.
Just the thought of running toward them makes your guts turn inside out. There's no way you can do that with your weak, sluggish legs.
CaptainDriad > Door one, lots of fun.
TecnoToad & Mibbs > Door 1
You take a leap of faith, hopefully it doesn't end like this...